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Your website is your shop window. Make that first impression your customers see one that they will remember with an eye-catching well designed website.

Your shop window...

Your website is your shop window. It is what is going to pull your customers in. You want them to be spending time on your website so that they will buy your products or use your services. This means it needs to be eye-catching and well designed with the user experience in mind.

Throughout the whole website design process you will be fully involved and together we will work on creative solutions to ensure your website really delivers for you and helps your business to grow.

So if you are getting bogged down in trying to create your own website just get in touch and we can chat. 

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...designed with your customers in mind.

Your new website will come with everything you need so you don't have to worry about things like SSL security certificates or links to your social media channels. You can even have your Instagram grid or your Facebook reviews pulling through to your site keeping the content fresh and updated. I will take care of the design process, website hosting packages and domain registrations for you so you don't have to worry about complex website terminology. 

Your new website will be designed using a clean sheet approach. I build websites to be unique to you and your business so you can be certain your website will impress your customers.


My Website Design Packages

I offer four website packages. Whether you are just looking for a landing page or you need something that will showcase your business I can offer the perfect solution for your business. Included in the design fee for each package is the creation of a mobile friendly website, setting the meta data behind the scenes to give you the best chance for search engines to rank you, and ensuring that when your website is shared on social media the appropriate branded images display.


Also known as a landing page. This one page site can be used to perfectly show your clients you mean business with links to your social media, contact details and options to add in a little bit of business information.


This option certainly won't be 'lite' on the design front!

design fee from:



Showcase your business with up to 5 pages designed to perfectly tell the whole world what you do and what you offer.

This type of website will typically have a home page, an about section, some services/product pages as well we links to your social media channels.

design fee from:



Do you want to be able to use your website to sell products and services directly to your customers?

An e-commerce website is just the thing for you. Whether you are taking your retail shop online or you are running yoga classes and would like people to be able to book and pay this option has limitless possibilities to help your business grow.

design fee from:



Have you something in mind for your website that's bit different from the other packages I offer. That is not a problem. I can work with you to design a website package that is bespoke to your requirements. Just get in touch and we can have a chat about what you are looking for and make a plan to create a standout website.


Once your website goes live that's not the last you'll see of me. I will be monitoring your website to check it is performing exactly as it should.


All of the websites I build can be easily updated by my clients, so if you want to change some pricing all you need to do is log into the website and make your updates. If you'd like a bit of training in how to do this then we can arrange some Zoom training sessions.

I will also be able to support you and your new website with my range of support packages designed to suit your individual needs. Don't worry if you'd like to make some changes, upload a new product or service or add some of those all important testimonials just schedule a call and we can discuss your needs.

Have a look at some of my work on recent websites I have created.

Click on my website case studies below to see some of the websites I have recently created.

Why choose me?

  • When I am designing I include my clients at all stages of the process so once we have created a brief I'll be checking on a regular basis for your feedback.

  • You will be involved in the design of your website at all stages of the creative process. I don't take a deposit and then disappear until your website is complete. You know your business the best, so it is vitally important you are included in designing your website.

  • You will get my experience of creating standout websites for numerous businesses from food prep companies to estate agents.

  • I will give you honest timescales about your project so you know what to expect when. If for any reason I cannot achieve this then I'll let you know. Good design takes time so I would rather spend a little bit longer to make sure I get your website just perfect.

  • I have a network of trusted branding photographers and copywriters so if you need some help with the text (or copy as it is called in the business) or you'd like some amazing branding photography I can point you in the right direction.

  • And finally - I'm always being creative so please get in touch and we can talk about your website.


Frequently Asked Questions

What other costs are involved in websites?

Apart from the design fees above you will need to pay for your website to be hosted. I can arrange this for you and often get access to website hosting offers which allow me to offer you discounted prices. Hosting fees vary depending on what you would like your website to do so get in touch and I can give you more detailed hosting prices once I know what sort of website you are looking for. You will also need to purchase your domain name. These are provided by a number of providers and cost from as little as £10 a year.

How long does it take to build a website?

I never like to rush my design process and I like some time to think things through in my head. Depending on whether you already have your content and imagery I can build a website in as little as a week. This really depends on how complex your website is and what functionality you would like. Once I know more about your project I can give you a clearer idea on timescales.

Who will host my website?

I use Wix to build and host my websites. Wix allows people to easily update a website with little or no website building experience so this allows my clients to keep their website updated themselves. Wix is one of the large website building and hosting platforms across the globe and their customer service is excellent so I feel confident you will be in safe hands. Of course I'm always here to offer advice or a helping hand.

Why are your website design fees showed as "design fee from"?

I have priced my website design packages to be competitive and offer great value to my clients. From experience these are the price that a typical website would cost. There are always going to be some websites that require a little more work so once I know a bit more about your project I can give you let you know if your website might cost a little more. One example of this might be an e-commerce website that has lots of products or has complex ordering options.

What about a mobile friendly website?

The design fee you pay also covers the cost of creating a mobile friendly website so whether you are viewing on a desktop or a mobile device your website will still its best.

Help! I've tried to edit my website and I've made a bit of a mess.

Don't panic! If this has happened it is really not the end of the world. Everything can be sorted out. Just get in touch with me and we can look to get your website back to looking it's best as quickly as possible. I offer a range of website support packages so if you just need me to spend a couple of hours making some updates or you'd like a regular update package let me know and I can advise you of the costs involved.

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