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Social Media

With the average person scrolling over 20 metres a day on social media platforms your branding and social media content has to make people stop.
How do you do this? You create standout content that grab peoples attention.

Standout content created for you...

Do you find you don't have enough time to tackle social media? Being consistent across social media is so important if your customers are going to remember you.  

There is a common story I hear when social media is mentioned - it usually goes a little like this: "I was really good and posted for 3 weeks everyday, but I started to find it a chore and gave up. I've now not posted for 3 months."

How do you get around the social media fatigue issue? One solution is you work with someone who can create your content and schedule it for you. 

Imagine how good it would be to have all of your social media channels working for you every week with a variety of posts.

Three packages to choose from

Branded content created specifically for your business

Much more than just 'selling' posts

Tell your story

Branded content created specifically for your business

Optimised scheduling to suit your audience

Hashtag research

Keep your feeds looking fresh

Content planned monthly

Saves you time

Quarterly catch-ups you the time to do what you do best - run your business.

Creating social media content is so much more than just putting a bit of text and some graphics on a post. When I am creating content for your business we will go through the design process together. I will look at your current brand - your logo, brand colours and story and create a style that fits just perfectly. 

I also don't just stick to "selling" posts - if every post is about something you are selling people will soon start to scroll past your posts. I create a range of posts designed around your business. I take sometime to get to know my clients so I can tailor the posts directly to you and your business. People like to use people they know so when it comes to social media I look to tell the story of your business - making sure people get to know you and want to use you.


Social Media Management Pricing

My social media management packages are designed to allow you to get just the right amount of social media activity. I understand that not every business needs multiple posts each week so I offer three different packages. Of course if you are looking for a more bespoke option or ad hoc content creation that is also available. 

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Why choose me?

  • With experience of creating and managing social media accounts for a number of clients I have plenty experience in creating new innovative content to make your social media standout.

  • My three social media packages are simple and easy to follow and understand.

  • Options for ad-hoc content creation or regular content creation on a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis I can workout a solution that fits your business needs.

  • Your content will be designed to perfectly tell your story to your clients.

  • Your content will be created in monthly blocks so you know exactly what will be posted and when. 

  • And as I say many times - I'm always being creative so please get in touch and we can talk about your project.


Frequently Asked Questions

I get stuck for ideas for my social media platforms, can you help me?

Of course I can! My always being creative vision means I am always looking out for new and innovative ideas so you can be sure if we have a chat I can give you a few tips and ideas.

What is the process for creating social media content?

Generally we will start with a telephone or Zoom call so that we can get to know each other and I can understand what you are looking for. From here I will create a brief based on our discussions that will outline what you are looking for. This brief will include a full costing of your project and what the time frame for completing your project will be.

Which platforms can you create content for?

I can create content for the main social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn so if you are active on these plaforms then please send me a message and we can talk about how I can help you. If you are looking to create content for other platforms then that's not a problem - just let me know.

Can you create me a cover image for my different social media accounts?

Yes I can. We can chat about what you are looking for and I can work with your brand style to ensure your cover images give that good first impression helping to draw your customers in.

I am looking for some animated graphics to grab my customers attention, do you create anything like this?

I can animate your social media content and get your text and graphics moving to make sure your post really standouts. Annimation is an ideal way to standout from the crowd so get in touch and we can makes some plans.

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