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What does Always Being Creative mean?

I use the term "always being creative" a lot. But what does it mean to me and why do I use it so much?

To me always being creative means that I am always looking for new ideas, twists, concepts to bring to my designs. It also means that (and quite importantly) I start each of my designs with a blank sheet of paper and base the designs around a brief that I create with my clients.

Every business is unique so every design I create needs to be unique. I don't believe in using logo templates. There are plenty of logo builders out there that will do just that for you. What I do believe is that the best way to get a logo, a brand, a set of graphics or a website that is right for you is start a fresh with each design.

So to me always being creative means that I combine ideas and inspiration that I see out in the world with my clean sheet approach to design to create something that is represents you and your business.

It's at this point I usually say "Richard Worsfold Design - always being creative..."

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