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Uckfield Reiki - a simple one page site

Updated: Mar 25

Uckfield Reiki - www.uckfieldreiki.com

The brief: to design a simple one page website that showcases what services are offered, their location and most importantly the contact details.

My solution: I felt one of the most important things on the website was a contact number to book and Uckfield Reiki's location. These are the two things I know I'd be looking for. Instead of hiding them in the footer I've added them as part of the hero image. This makes is much more user friendly.

User experience is something that is so important on websites. A bad user experience will send people somewhere else, this will increase your bounce rate and have a negative impact on your SEO.

The rest of the site is laid out in a easy to navigate fashion with links from the menu bar taking the user to various anchors on the page. There is also a link to the Federation of UK Reiki which helps potential customers do a little bit of research about you.

The website has been designed using my Website 'lite' package where you can have 1-2 pages of content designed to work for your business. Have a look at my website design page to find out more.


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