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Me vs Fiverr

If you are looking for a logo creating, an ebook putting together or in fact any graphic design type service you may stumble across Fiverr (or other similar platforms).

These platforms are good at providing low cost design services and can be a good option if you’re on a budget or want to be able to quickly find a designer.

So, you may ask yourself if it’s that easy to procure graphic design services why should you come to me (incidentally I’m not on Fiverr).

I believe in building relationships with my clients and working with them on numerous projects. In fact, I still working with a number of my first clients!

If you read any of my blogs or social media posts then you’ll know the my big thing is BRAND CONSISTENCY. I want to make sure that at each customer touch point you look consistently good. Right from your website to your business stationery and email signature. This helps you build brand recognition, it makes you look professional and it makes your customers trust you. All of this means you are already well on your way to someone paying for your goods or services.

Think about walking down the high street and you’re choosing out of the many possibly eateries. If you’ve never been to any of them which one do you choose? Most likely one you like the look of. You’ve already started to build trust in a business based on the way they look.

Your customers will do exactly the same when they see you. If your website and your social channels look good then you are half way there.

Now it might seem like I’ve wandered off topic here but there is a point to my story...

Using Fiverr you’ll find it hard to keep the same designer. By it’s very nature Fiverr is full of freelance designers around the world. The huge advantage to using me over Fiverr is that I can keep your brand looking consistently good. No matter whether it’s your website, your social media feeds or your business card I can make sure you have a common brand standard and everything slots together perfectly. Meaning people will trust you, you look professional and you can provide the goods or services they want.

So if you'd like to talk to me about keeping your visual image on track send me an email: hello@richardworsfold.design.


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