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Helping people understand Little MeetUp

Sometimes an organisation has really good branding and doesn't need a rebrand. All they need is someone to implement it effectively.

There's no better example than Little MeetUp who I have been working with for a couple of months to improve their messaging to members.

Little MeetUp already had some really good branding that had been created by a couple of different graphic designers. However, as Little MeetUp grew the branding did not expand with it. Running three quite different types of networking meant people didn't always understand the differences and what they could get from each meeting.

Using the existing branding and colour palette I created a range of individual logos for each of the different sections of Little MeetUp. Each section has its own colour picked from the three dots in the Little MeetUp logo. To further differentiate each part I created three hashtags and followed this up with some standard messaging that will be consistently used to communicate with members.

The hashtags have been designed to communicate in two or three words how each different meeting can help your business and make messaging easy, particularly on social media posts.

Being a graphic designer attention to detail is a must so you'll notice that anytime the Little MeetUp colours are used they are always in the order of the three dots in the logo.

Little MeetUp operates a number of Facebook groups so you'll notice that the colours used in the individual local logos match the options for Facebook group colours. Again making sure the colours flow seamlessly across Little MeetUp.

If you'd like to see a little more have a look at their website www.littlemeetup.com.

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