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Creative Difference Project

Making a creative difference to people, places and animals.

The Creative Difference Project has been created so that I can give back some of my time to help people, organisations or charities who help others. I know what a difference an hour or two of graphic or website design can do. So if you know a good cause who could do with this help fill in the form below.


To apply to be part of the Creative Difference Project I ask that the person, organisation or charity is based in the UK and the work that they do benefits people, places or animals.

Any organisations applying must be non-profit and all you have to do to apply is complete the form below. After this I will get in touch to see how I can help.

All work undertaken is on a pro bono basis and any project that are completed will be shared (if appropriate) on my website or social media channels. 

Some of the organisations I have helped...

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To apply for the Creative Difference Project just fill out this form: