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Logos & Branding

A brand is the way a product, company, or individual is perceived by those who experience it. Much more than just a name, a brand is something that creates a feeling, a brand is something that makes people go to you. Most importantly a brand is yours.

It starts with a logo...

Your brand logo is the thing that is instantly recognisable to your customers, it is the thing that is going to stick in their mind, it is the thing that defines your business - so it is vitally important that it is designed with your business in mind.

When I am designing a logo I start by getting to know you and your business, who your customers are, how you help them and what you want your logo to say.

Throughout the whole logo design, process from concepts to finished designs, I make sure you and your business are fully involved. After all the logo is going to stay with your for a long time.

Three packages to choose from

My four step design process means you know exactly what to expect

Up to three concepts created for you to choose from

Instantly recognisable brand image

Designed with your business in mind

A range of file types and variations provided as standard

Social media & corporate stationery

Aftercare available once your designs are complete

...and builds into your brand.

Your finished logo doesn't have to stop there. Your logo is the centre point of your brand. Your brand needs a visual image that your customers will recognise when they see your shop on the high street, your post on social media or you advertising on a flyer. You want people to recognise you, know what you offer and build trust in your brand so that they want to buy your product or service.

When I am designing your logo I don't just stop there. I design a brand for your business. From brand colours to how your brand will be seen on business cards & social media I make sure your brand stands out so your customers recognise you, trust you and therefore helps your business grow.


My Logo & Branding Packages

My logo & branding packages are designed to allow you to have exactly what you need. Whether it be just a logo you need or a full branding package then there is an option for you. Of course if you are looking for a more bespoke or individual option then this is available - just get in touch and we can discuss your project.

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Why choose me?

  • When I am designing I include my clients at all stages of the process so once we have created a brief I'll be checking on a regular basis for your feedback.

  • I don't limit you to a few revisions. I firmly believe that good design takes time and having the pressure of limited revisions kerbs that design process so we'll keep going with your project until it is just right.

  • You will get your logo and brand in several versions to make sure you have something to suit every media type. If you need a specific version then just let me know and I will arrange it for you.

  • I will give you honest timescales about your project so you know what to expect when. If for any reason I cannot achieve this then I'll let you know. Good design takes time so I would rather spend a little bit longer to make sure I get your logo and brand just perfect.

  • You will get my experience of creating standout branding for numerous businesses across the globe. All the images I use on my website use logos and branding that I have created so have a look around and you'll see my style.

  • And finally - I'm always being creative so please get in touch and we can talk about your project.


Frequently Asked Questions

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