Richard Worsfold

I’m on a mission to help you stand out in a cluttered world by creating consistent brand experiences. 

If you’d like to talk about logos, branding, websites or social media management send me a message. I’m always happy to chat. 

Richard Worsfold Design is a creative design studio based in West Sussex & thanks to the wonders of technology works with clients across the world.

My Vision 

My vision is to ensure that you stand out from the crowd in what is a a cluttered world. I want to make sure that people stop when they see your logo, branding, website or social media post.

Having a fantastically visual brand helps to grab your customers attention and carrying this brand across everything from your website to your social media feeds creates a joined up journey that your customers can follow. No one wants to read a boring book so why would they want to follow a boring brand? Read more about me...

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My Services



Everything you need to make sure your business stands out from the crowd


Websites giving the best user experience keeping your customers coming back for more


Social media management giving you time to run your business 


Graphic design is such a broad term and in a similar vein I offer a range of graphic design services ranging from business card artwork, to promotional flyers, e-books, banners and much more - the list is endless. Get in touch with me and we can talk about your graphic design needs.

I am always happy to chat about your logo, branding, social media or website.

If you would like to book a 1-2-1 with then just click on the link below.

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Creative Difference Project

Helping others is one of the key values of Richard Worsfold Design so as well as helping businesses standout online I also give some of my time to people, organisations and charities who may need a little help with graphic or website design. You can read more about the Creative Difference Project and the work I do here.









In business I think it is really important to be well connected, I'm proud to be a member of...

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